​The Musical Arts Piano Conservatory
​Lessons and Classes for Every Age

2101 West Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33606  USA
  Location next to Downtown and Hyde Park
 Easy on/off to Interstate 275​

Conservatory Policies and Procedures


1.  Tuition rates as published on the website and in printed materials are firm.
2.  Discounts for multiple registrants from one family begin upon registration of the third child.  There is a 20% discount.
3.  6 and 10 week sessions are to be paid in full at the time of registration.  Monthly tuition must be paid prior to, or at the beginning of each month
            Lessons are not taught without pre-payment.  No exceptions.   Payments may be made using cash or checks, and we accept credit/debit cards through cash.me from Square.    If tuition is paid after the 10th of the month, there is a $10 late fee added to the tuition.

 If using Square Cash, you will need to use our cashtag which is $pianopayment.  There is a 3.5% convenience fee added to your tuition to use either Square Cash or credit/debit cards.
   As an alternative, we appreciate you setting up directpay through your bank so that tuition arrives on the first of the month in a timely manner.
It is easier and no convenience fee!
Please make note of our mailing address.
4.  Students in the monthly tuition programs pay over a 10 month billing cycle.  We accept cash, check, credit/debit cards, and directpay. 
5.  If a student begins in the middle of a month in one of the monthly programs, the tuition will be pro-rated for the first month, with the subsequent months at the regular rate and due prior to the first of the month.

​Make-up Lessons

6.  Make-up Lesson Policy follows industry standards in the music teaching profession and is as follows:
          Tuition remains constant even if a student misses one or more lessons in a given month.  We do not refund tuition.
           A make-up lesson may be given if the teacher is directly informed of the absence at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled lesson.
          If a cancellation occurs within the 24 hour notice period, it will be at the teacher's discretion whether the lesson is made up. 
          No-shows forfeit the lesson completely.
          Make-up lessons should be kept to a minimum in order to respect the teacher's schedule.
          More than two make-ups per 15 week session is considered excessive.  
          A make-up lesson shall be given promptly owing to the teacher's absence.
          Do not send your child sick to the lessons.  A make-up lesson is preferable in this case.  Please notify us in case of illness.
          If you know in advance there is a conflict with your lesson time, we are happy to reschedule the lesson to a better time. 
           Just keep changes to a minimum as outlined above.

 School Year Length

7.  The school year duration is 32 lesson weeks.  Private lesson programs are organized in 32 week curriculum plans.  Other classes are organized in
          either 6 , 10, or 28 week session curriculum plans depending on which program is chosen.
     Vacation weeks generally follow the school calendar and are not billed weeks.  You are only billed for the weeks there are lessons, which, in the school year,  numbers 32 weeks.         
8.   Parents should understand that if there is a change in circumstances and the decision to curtail lessons has been made, it should occur at the end of a 
           program and not midstream.  This sets a very bad precedent and example for the child.   Changes should come at the end of the school year.
          We are here ready to help at all times to insure the happiness and success of your child in their music studies.  If there is a problem....talk to us!  
                  We will go the extra mile to help.
Practice Requirements

9.   For Private Lesson Students:  Practice needs to be scheduled and regular.  Practice should be done at least 5 days a week  at home, the 6th day is
            lesson day, with 7th day a rest day!   This is a proven system for achievement.  You should know that anything less will not be the optimal situation
              for your child's success at the piano.
10.  Keep nails short for the lessons.  Piano technique cannot be developed correctly with long nails.  Chewing gum is not permitted inside the
           The chewing of gum during lessons can interfere with the rhythm when playing the piano.
11.  Piano students must have an acoustic piano in good repair and in tune to practice on. 
           A good quality digital piano with  full sized weighted keys and pedals is acceptable.
No child will want to sit at a clunker that sounds and feels terrible.....
so please provide the best instrument you can afford to ensure your child's success!