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Certificate, Medal, and Diploma Programs

    It's all about motivation and recognition! 

          We all work harder and are more productive if we know what we are working toward.  We can see and feel the goals we have set.  The desire to fulfill it fuels many hours of sweat and hard work.  Isn't this how life works?  We work harder and smarter...to get a better job....to get that promotion...to buy a bigger and better house....a more sleek car.  In the process, we become masters at whatever is our field of work.
          Our phlosophy is based on these same life lessons.  In our excperience, we have found that students achieve much more at the piano if they have a tangible goal in mind with a recognition structure that they crave.  To this end we have created numerous Certificate, Medal, and Diploma  Programs for students to work toward fulfilling.  In the process. they are developing styles, skills, confidence, and a flair for performance.   Our Diplomas are issued from the National Guild of Piano Teachers, a subsidiary of the American College of Musicians, and go on a student's permanent school record. 
          That's alot better than a stack of piano lesson receipts for those years of lessons!

Certificate Programs

  • Music Ensemble Certificate for Intermediate Levels - Learn to play with a singer and other instrumentalists
  • Collaborative Certificate for High School Students for Advanced Levels Prep A to D -  Accompany a singer in recital and  perform with string trio or quartet.

  • Musica Latina Certificate at the Late Elementary, Intermediate, or Advanced Levels - performance of various    latin styles such as the tango, rumba, salsa, and merenge at the student's difficulty level.
  • Jazz/Pop/Improvisation Certificate at Intermediate and Advanced Levels -  study and performance of a selection of the above styles at the student's difficulty level. 
The program of study required to earn these certificates varies but  may include learning the required repertoire, a reading assignment, an essay assignment, a performance requirement, and an audition exam.                             
 Medal Programs
Early Bach Medal - Perform an assortment of 15 minuets, musettes, and polonaises by J.S. Bach.

Advanced Bach Medal - Perform the required number of pieces by Bach at the required difficulty level.

Sonatina Medal - Perform 5 complete Sonatinas by Classical era composers.

Sonata Medal - Perform 3 sonatas by Classical/Romantic era composers at the required difficulty level.

Concerto Medal - Requires 3 performances of a concerto movement, participation in one competition,
and one audition exam.

Advanced Concerto Medal - Requires 3 performances of a complete concerto, participation in one
competition, and one audition exam. 

Composers Medals - A student may choose one composer from any era and learn 15 of their pieces.
Memorization is not required.  The goal is to improve music reading ability, and                                  increase the familiarity with different composers, styles, and music eras. 
Essay on composer is required.

Diploma Programs
      Get noticed when applying for college- our diplomas help students stand out and have the edge!  Show your achievements in music....a diploma is alot more meaningful than a pile of lesson receipts.

     Our Diplomas are issued from the National Guild of Piano Teachers, a subsidiary of the American College of Musicians.  High school seniors prepare and present for a Guild adjudicator a program of repertoire at an advanced level along with a group of required musicianship skills.  Students must earn the required score to ensure the quality level of performance is at the caliber required.  These diplomas go on the student's permanent high school record.  The diploma signifies the student's completion of piano studies from beginning through college level.
High School Diploma in Artistic Piano - 10 required pieces plus 5 skill areas.
High School Diploma in Collaborative Piano (also called Social Music) - 7 required pieces plus 3 skill areas.