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Classes have a set schedule and private lessons are arranged
according to availability of teacher and student.​​

​​Note: we offer a 20% discount on tuition total for three registered programs in one family.  Another sibling may join in or parents...is now your time to learn the piano?


A Group Piano Class
Children ​Ages 5 and 6

    " Kids love to learn together in groups...and what a fun way
to learn about all the notes guided by the characters of Melody Bay! "... Judith Cataldo, Director 


The Classical Comets of Melody Bay is for students
who have completed the Classical Comets Program as described above,
or new students of appropriate age and maturity level.

The children work with teacher Kate Stephens in our Piano Lab
each at their own digital Clavinova piano.  The goal of the class is to prepare
students for the start of private lessons.

The approach here continues to infuse guided play and storytelling with a more direct application to the keyboard.  We are using a pre-reading notation form that resembles heiroglyphics, a form easy to remember for a child, and very easy to transition into actual notes on a staff.  

The process engages a child's imagination while teaching note location,
dynamics, tempo, and rhythm, through the feelings and

activities of the characters. 

When your child plays the key that represents each character's special sound,
and then chooses the speed (tempo), and mood of the character (using dynamics),
creative thought is expressed through your child's fingers.

Classes are 6 weeks in duration.  Each class is 45 minutes. 
Tuition for each 6 week section is $125. 

Fall Schedule begins August 21, 2018:

Tuesdays @ 3:00 pm
Thursdays @ 4:30 pm
​Saturdays @ 12:30 pm

Children must have a tuned piano or
an adequate digital keyboard to practice on at home.

Said a parent after observing this class... " It makes me wish

I was 5 years old again!"

for Children Ages 7 - 9

​The Perfect Way to Begin!

Class schedules:

Choose a day and time
to attend       
1:30 - 2:30
2:00 - 3:00

2:30 - 3:30
3:00 - 4:00

3:00 - 4:00
3:30 - 4:30

5:00 - 6:00
5:30 - 6:30

28 Weeks of Classes in our brand new Clavinova Piano Lab

$135 per month for 8 months - September through April

Our Group Piano Class for Beginners features the benefits of a partner lesson and group lesson combined.  The format is as follows: two students share the first half hour privately with the instructor to work on their individual pieces and duets, followed by a 30 min group lesson with two more students. Depending on time chosen, the format may also be reversed with group first, then the partner lesson.  Students attend for a total of 60 minutes.

This innovative format allows student to learn to read music effectively and musically with feeling and expression.  Solo pieces will be learned, plus duets and songs for group ensemble.  Children will study together all the important musicianship skills that young beginners need:  development of good rhythm and understanding how to read and perform rhythms,  development of the musical ear through Ear-Training exercises and games, and Music Theory written and keyboard skills.

Our Clavinova piano lab provides the state of the art digital keyboard experience, and afford us the connectivity to use the latest and best online programs that student can also download at home for practice and theory drills through musical games.  Your child will love this fun and social music class which utilizes the latest in technology.

Students may stay in the Group Piano Class for up to two years, after which they may be accepted
into the Rising Stars Private Lesson Program.

Private Lesson Programs
Young People Ages 4 - 18​​

A Private Lesson Program
for the Very Young
Ages 4 and 5

$135 per month for 10 months   
      A proven approach for one student in a 30 minute private lesson.  Parent and child may also partner together!  In four levels students follow the adventures of Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear and all their musical friends discovering the joy of learning the piano.  Features pre-reading preparation while students learn all the symbols of the music language.  Each of four levels last approximately 16 weeks.  Course finishes with students reading on the staff and playing the easist arrangements of beloved Classical themes recognizable by all!
                                 Developed by the Alfred Publishing Premier Teachers Gayle Kowalchyk,

                                                                       E.L. Lancaster, and Martha Mier.​
                        Lessons are scheduled according to availability of teacher and student.



The Cornerstone of Our Conservatory Offerings

For Ages 6 - 18

$135 per month for 10 months - 30 minute weekly lesson/
10 minutes Theory Training extension

$165 per month for 10 months - 45 minute weekly lesson /
15 minutes Theory Training extension

$195 per month for 10 months - 60 minute weekly lesson/
15 minutes Theory Training extension

All include the monthly Performance Workshop and Theory Partnership 
     Our Rising Stars Program is for all levels of students: beginners, intermediate, and advanced.  However, students accepted into this program must make the commitment to practice and make progress.  Parents must also make the commitment to foster this effective and consistent practice at home.  Successful students will find that careful choices of other extra-curricular activities besides piano will need to me be made.  Students take one private lesson per week and may attend one Performance Workshop at the Conservatory per month.  The Workshop provides a setting in which the student can perform in front of peers and receive performance coaching.  
  Curriculum includes:
1. 32 weeks of private lessons and at least 10 monthly performance workshops.  Workshops are offered every Saturday at 12:15pm.  Sign up for the workshop of your choice online through the our student portal on page 1 of our website

2.  Student and teacher together set achievable goals during the first few lessons.  This way students know what they are working toward.  Our motivational awards structure is set in motion from the beginning.  Students work for prizes, trophies, certificates and Diplomas  where appropriate.  Read more about these valuable goals CLICK HERE
3.  Beginning to advanced training in technique and repertoire.

4.  Musicianship skills such as sightreading, and  transposition are developed.
5.  Students learn the basics of improvising their own music, and are encouraged to explore music composition.
6.  Students have to opportunity to be presented in recitals at our Conservatory.  

7.  Students are recommended to participate as appropriate in festivals, evaluations, and competitions at the local, state, and national levels


​8.  Participation is a major component of the Rising Stars Program. 
We are a proud member of the
National Piano Guild
and have the auditions at our Conservatory
in the spring season.
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