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Our Mission
To provide the finest musical instruction available
utilizing the latest proven methods and approaches in the training of young people and adults.  
We are committed to fostering joyful and heartfelt music making at the piano.

The piano is the most versatile of instruments.  
It is a solo instrument, an accompanying instrument, or can be part of a group.  With our ten fingers we can create the magic
of emotional expressions
through music
while playing
this beautiful instrument.

​We'll show you how!

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Along the Musical Path...

We teach
Classical Through Modern Music
                     and the Appropriate Techniques

       For students who are young beginners, there are a variety of excellent age-appropriate method books and supplemental songbooks from which to choose.  Based on our experience as teachers, we select the best and most effective of these modern teaching materials for students in their early through mid-elementary levels.  When students reach late elementary levels, they are usually ready to learn and  experience the easiest of classical music.  This includes music from the    Baroque  (1685-1750), Classical (1750-1810), Romantic (1810-1890) eras, in addition to Modern.  As they progress, they move through more challenging repertoire from these eras in conjunction with pop, jazz, blues, movie themes, and other music they may enjoy.   This progression continues into the advanced levels.
     Every step of the way, students are taught a level by level curriculum of all aspects of Music Theory, and the appropriate piano techniques including scales, chords and cadences, arpeggios, octaves, scales in thirds, exercises, and classical technical studies called etudes. This way they develop a musical theoretical understanding coupled with the  technical ability to perform
the music at their level.
Our curriculum is not based on any one system or set of requirements from institutions such as the Royal School, the National Piano Guild, or National Music Teachers Associations.  Rather, we synthesize the best of these curriculum suggestions and guidelines into our training.  Where appropriate, we enter students into the most appropriate evaluations, festivals, and competitions based on their preparation, talents and achievements .  This is in keeping with our philosphy that while our training must be top notch, our students themselves are individuals and not every setting may be appropriate or comfortable for them.  We are  sensitive to their needs and always want to show them at their best!

Combining Traditional
Online Performance Venues

     Our students gain exposure as performers in live recitals both here at the Conservatory and at local concert hall venues.  Here at the Conservatory, students are encouraged to perform in one Performance Workshop per month and receive coaching on their performance abilities and their individual pieces.  Students have the opportunity to perform on the formal stage in front of a live audience at least twice per year.
       We also encourage and assist our students in putting their  performances on their very own YouTube channel.  We will regularly update our Facebook page with recent student performances.  Starting 2015-2016, we will also have online streaming student and faculty concerts,  plus video concerts
for web visitors to enjoy.


     We are committed to incorporating proven technologies in our training as well as our business approach.  This includes everything from online student registration and payment procedures, email correspondence and e-scheduling, to online Music Theory activities and music games.  These are fun and proven ways to enhance and improve students' music reading abilities and Music Theory levels.  In addition, our students are able to video their lessons for later review or a parent/grandparent may remotely view the lesson live via Skype.

Our Students Become Young Recording Artists

     We assist our students in making their own CDs and DVDs with our digital in-house equipment.  These recordings are great to use as  gifts for family or to use for entry submissions in competitions.  What a thrill for students to have their on DVD!  In this way each student develops a library of their own musical performances which they will treasure and share with others for the rest of their lives.
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