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Summer Session 2018 

All classes and lessons below are offered during the summer. 
Classes have a set schedule and private lessons are arranged
according to availability of teacher and student.

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20% Discount for 3 enrolled in one family!

Note: we offer a 20% discount on tuition total for three registered programs in one family.  Another sibling may join in or parents...is now your time to learn the piano?

For Expectant Mothers and The Little Ones

Introducing our
Musical Constellations Program...​
Programs for Expectant Mothers, Parent/Child Pairs, and Children from Infancy to Age 6 Years
Join our MoonBeams, Bright Lights, and Classical Comets Classes!

The Philosophy Guiding Our Teaching​​

     Our philosophy in creating the Musical Constellations curriculum is that all babies are musical, meaning they have an innate ability to respond to vibration, sound, rhythm, and music from the human voice or instruments.  We believe that babies are innately blessed with  the skills needed to become music-making beings.  Our challenge is to awaken this innate ability and create the space for its increase in aptitude and development during these early years of life...starting from within the womb.  The parent, as first teacher, is key to this development.  Our  materials and class activities are designed to help our young students' parents create a musical atmostphere at home.
     Our Conservatory is dedicated to the art of piano playing.  Therefore, the use of the piano, piano music both recorded and live, and focus on the instrument as "the hands on" musical learning tool is essential in all our programs and for every age.

MOONBEAMS - A Class for Expectant Mothers plus Infants to Age 1 1/2 and their Parent or Caregiver

Our Moonbeams Class combines expectant moms with parent/children from infancy to age 1 1/2.  For the expectant mom, we celebrate knowing that in a few months before baby is born...there is sound!  Baby can hear the outside world, mother's voice, and music!  Whether expectant or if your baby has already arrived, our Moonbeams focus on stimulating baby with sound and vibration, exploring the many ways this can be done through guided listening to classical music, making gentle music in the class, and singing lullabies with gentle rhythmic movement.  We are developing the musical bond between parent and child.  A collection of unique songs and lullabies from around the world will be featured in class.  Parents will create a personal Song Book for your baby to enjoy at home plus a toolbox of games to engage them in cognitive learning through music.  In addition, we'll help our expectant moms select music that is special to you and baby to play at delivery time!

Classes are 6 weeks in duration.  Each class is 45 minutes.  Tuition for each 6 week section is $125.  There is a one-time fee of $35 which includes a CD, Book, and access to downloadable songs, projects with instructions for at home, and Parent Education Video Seminars.  Note Make-Up Lesson Policy below.                 
Note:  During Summer, the Tuesday class curriculum will be combined with Piano Magic for Mixed Ages.

Choose from the following class times:   
Summer Classes held weeks of June 4, 11, 18, and 25th, plus July 9, 16, 23, and 30th.  Choose 6 classes to attend!
Tuesdays     1:30 pm                                       Saturdays    9:15 am

Classes are ongoing.  Join in at any time.
BRIGHT LIGHTS - A Class for 2 and 3 Year Olds and their Parent or Caregiver

The Bright Lights Class builds upon the parent/child musical bond and includes games, puppets, and tactile visuals for hands on experience.  We are creating a place for exploration and discovery by connecting what your child has already learned, and is discovering now, with musical principles.  For example:

               *Bubbles, butterflies, and kites move up and down like a melody.
               *Dancing to drums, playing percussion instruments, and singing helps students "feel" the beat
               *Jumping the steps on a life size Walking Keyboard lets their whole body experience direction and distance between sounds and  gives an understanding of musical "intervals".  These huge piano keys become toys to make music!
               *Puppets, stories, and movement to various styles of music stimulate cognition and awareness of colors, shapes, textures, thus building intellectual readiness for letters and numbers.

Parent and child will play together and eventually advance to interaction with other children in class.  There is a large parent education component to this level, enabling parent to build a toolbox of songs and musical games to help their child learn, play, and even sleep.

Classes are 6 weeks in duration.  Each class is 45 minutes.  Tuition for each 6 week section is $125.  There is a one-time fee of $35 which includes a CD, Book, and access to downloadable songs, projects with instructions for at home, and Parent Education Video Seminars.  Note Make-up Lesson Policy below.

Choose from the following class times:  

Summer Classes held weeks of June 4, 11, 18, and 25th, plus July 9, 16, 23, and 30th.  Choose 6 classes to attend!

Tuesdays     11:00 am           

Note:  The Piano Magic Program is also an excellent companion class for this age group.  Check it out below!

Classes are ongoing.  Join in at any time.
CLASSICAL COMETS - A Class for Children Ages 4 to 6 Years Old

Our Classical Comets are moving at jet speed toward becoming Rising Stars!  This is the time to become prepared for private lessons.  Our Classical Comets use drama, dance, and song to discover the fundamentals of music including:
               *Training of the Musical Ear - sound and pitch differentiation, duration of notes and rhythmic combinations
*Tempo and Dynamics - expression with varying speed and color (loud and soft sounds)
*Keyboard Orientation - Locating the musical alphabet based on key patterns

*Technique - Use our "Bunny Ears" to gently gain proper control of the hand and fingers
 *Notation and Music Reading Ability - Our "notes" begin as characters with kid-friendly characters of Melody Bay.  As our Comets read and experience the musical adventures of Captain Cornmuffin and his friends, they begin to read music!
*Writing Songs - Because our Comets understand the symbols of music (notes, rhythm, and dynamics), they will use their imagination
to make up their own songs.

The Classical Comets Classes provide your child an opportunity to gain an understanding of what playing the piano involves
in a fun and age-appropriate way!

Classes are 6 weeks in duration.  Each class is 45 minutes.  Tuition for each 6 week section is $125.  Note Make-Up Lesson Policy below.

Choose from the following class times:  

Summer Classes held weeks of June 4, 11, 18, and 25th, plus July 9, 16, 23, and 30th.  Choose 6 classes to attend!

Tuesdays     3:00 pm

Saturdays    11:15 am

Classes are ongoing.  Join in at any time.

 Piano Magic Program ​​ - Introduce Your Child to the Wonders of the Piano!
For Ages 2 and 3 

     Weekly a small group of children gather round the piano to discover its magic through the adventures of Bosco and Kitty, our class mascots who explore sounds and keyboard shapes of the piano.  Bosco and Kitty also share with us adventures of their other nature friends. Through the sound effects of the stories told at the piano, the children and parents will observe and hear the different musical elements of pitch, rhythm, louds and softs called dynamics, black and white key shapes, as well as the experience of music that tells a story.   A fun and creative approach to learning early stage music making.  Having a piano at home on which to practice is not a requirement.
Developed by our Director Judith Cataldo based on the book/cd Bosco and Kitty's Piano Magic
by Robert Pace.

Classes are 6 weeks in duration.  Each class is 45 minutes.  Tuition for each 6 week section is $125.  

Choose from the following class times:  
Summer Classes held weeks of June 4, 11, 18, and 25th, plus July 9, 16, 23, and 30th.  Choose 6 classes to attend!

Tuesdays   1:30 pm                                      Saturdays     10:15 am     

Classes are ongoing.  Join in at any time.

Note:  The Bright Lights Class described above is a wonderful companion to the Piano Magic Program.   Not sure which to do first? 
If your child has never seen, touched, or been around a real piano before, then start with the Piano Magic Class and let them fall in love with the instrument!  Then proceed to the Bright Lights Class.

Make-Up Lesson Policy for missed classes due to unavoidable absence:  You may attend any of our other classes during the week with teacher approval in advance.  Please limit makeup attendance to one class per 6 week session.

​Piano Camp for Young People

Ages 7 and Up             
 $225 per week---------------    50% discount for 2nd child

July 9 - 13, 2018    9 :00 am to 1:00 pm     Beginning through Elementary Levels

Two weeks for Intermediate/Advanced Levels - Attend one or both weeks: 
July 16 - 20, 2018     9:00 am to 1:00 pm      &     July 23 - 27, 2018     9:00 to 1:00 pm

Our Piano Camps feature lots of creative time and focused learning at the piano.  Beginning and elementary children work in small groups learning to compose and create music as a starting point to learn all the basics of music notation and reading. More experienced players learn to improvise, compose, and notate their own songs.  They learn together the correct techniques at the keys.  Each day every student receives a short private lesson, plus supervised practice time to learn the best way to accomplish tasks at the keys while learning new songs.  Kids of all levels will play in duets and piano ensembles together.  There is a recital performance at the end of the camp week.

Lesson Programs for Young People Ages 4 - 18​​

Music for Little Mozarts   - A Private Lesson Program for the Very Young
Ages 4 and 5
$135 per month for 9 months   

      A proven approach for one student in a 30 minute private lesson.  Parent and child may also partner together!  In four levels students follow the adventures of Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear and all their musical friends discovering the joy of learning the piano.  Features pre-reading preparation while students learn all the symbols of the music language.  Each of four levels last approximately 15 weeks.  Course finishes with students reading on the staff and playing the easist arrangements of beloved Classical themes recognizable by all!
                                 Developed by the Alfred Publishing Premier Teachers Gayle Kowalchyk, E.L. Lancaster, and Martha Mier.​
                                                                          Lessons are scheduled according to availability of teacher and student.

Piano Buddies 
Ages 6 - 8
​$135 each per month for 9 months (for friends who share the hour lesson)
$195 per family per month (if siblings share the hour)

     A one hour weekly class for two children within their first two years of music study.  At side by side pianos, they will learn together note reading, basic technique, songs, and all theory and musicianship basics that go into elementary stage music-making!

Class scheduled according to availability of teachers and students.

 Rising Stars  
 Private Lesson Program   
 Ages 6 - 18 
$135 per month for 9 months - 30 minute weekly lesson
$165 per month for 9 months - 45 minute weekly lesson
$195 per month for 9 months - 60 minute weekly lesson
All include the monthly Performance Workshop
     Our Rising Stars Program is for all levels of students: beginners, intermediate, and advanced.  Students  take one private lesson per week and attend one Performance Workshop at the Conservatory per month.  The Workshop provides a setting in which the student can perform in front of peers and receive performance coaching.  
  Curriculum includes:
  • 30 weeks of private lessons and at least 9 monthly performance workshops.  Workshops are offered every Saturday at 12:15pm.       Sign up for the workshop of your choice online through the our student portal on page 1 of our website.
  • Student and teacher together set achievable goals during the first few lessons.  This way students know what they are working toward.  Our motivational awards structure is set in motion from the beginning.  Students work for prizes, trophies, certificates and Diplomas  where appropriate.  Read more about these goals on page 6 of this site.
  • Beginning to advanced training in technique and repertoire.
  • Theory training includes both written and keyboard practical theory.
  • Musicianship skills such as ear training, sightreading, and  transposition are developed.
  • Students learn the basics of improvising their own music, and are encouraged to explore music composition.
  • Students have to opportunity to be presented in two formal recitals per school year at concert hall venues in Tampa.  Students are recommended to participate as appropriate in festivals, evaluations, and competition at the local, state, and national levels.  
            We are a proud member of National Piano Guild and have the auditions at our Conservatory in March.           
  • Participation is a major component of the Rising Stars Program. 
Ready to register?  Click here!

For Adults

Piano Class for Adults
$200 per 10 week session

Curriculum developed by a team of educators led by Quincy Jones

This class is for beginning adult piano students who will enjoy learning the piano
in addition to getting acquainted with keyboards and the technology they offer.  

A small group of four students will meet in our Keyboard Lab with the instructor for the one hour weekly lesson and use the highly acclaimed music learning system developed by music legend Quincy Jones called Playground Sessions.  The approach is to learn through playing first,  learning all the basics as we go, including note reading, chord structures, piano techniques, rhythm, harmonizing, developing the ear and many songs of classical, modern and pop styles.   Sessions are 10 weeks in length: classes are one hour each. 
Three sessions offered per school year.  Books not included in tuition.

Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:30 & 7:30 pm
Saturday mornings at 10 &11 am
Additional classes scheduled as needed.

Adult Hobbyist Program

60 minutes weekly - $195 per month for 9 months
45 minutes weekly -  $165 per month for 9 months
Weekly one hour or 45 minute lesson plus a monthly Master Class

 Private Lesson Time Scheduled by Instructor 
  • Includes weekly one hour or 45 minute private lesson.  A full school year includes 30 lessons over a 9 month period.  We prorate the tuition for those starting after the beginning of the school year.
  • Includes a monthly Master Class with other hobbyists.  Class topics may include piano techniques, memorization techniques, tricks to improve sightreading skills, learning to jam together through simple improvisation, and issues pertaining to performance anxiety.  Class scheduled one Saturday a month at 12:15 pm.

  • All materials and approaches are tailored to your level and musical interests.  This  includes the styles you enjoy learning.    
  • Have a song you always wanted to play?  Let us know and your instructor can search for the correct level arrangement of that song just for you!
  • Make friends with other piano hobbyists